We Got A New Contender


We all love our Sliding PC, but I’ve just had my first handson with a good alternative, seriously. No it’s not a slider, it’s a tablet that comes with an external keyboard. You can link the two together, fold it up like a good old-fashioned laptop, but if you know you’re not going to type […]


Sliding PC Tablet or Regular Old Tablet PC


Laptop and Notebook computers have been around for years. They are just smaller, compact versions of the Desktop PC. A built in screen and keyboard were the ideal solution for people that needed computing power and mobility. Then, a few years ago a new choice came out on the market. Tablet PCs have only a […]


Choosing New Features


When you want the best new features, the newest look and design, and the most user friendly new tablet on the market, you are going to find that the Sliding PC 7 03 series tablets, by Samsung, are going to offer you just what you want to buy. Not only are you going to love […]